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Log reducer - bandsaw line Söderhamn Kockums

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Log reducer - bandsaw line Söderhamn AKE 245A 1500 twin

Manufacturer: Kockums Söderhamn,
Model: AKE 245A 1500 twin,
Capacity: 50 m/min,
Chipper canter electric motors: 2X45 kw,
Disc diameter: 1460 mm,
Number of chipper knives: 2x114,
Band saw electric motor: 2X55 kw,
Blade width: 125 - 206 mm,
Blade thickness: 1,25 - 1,47 mm,
Blade length: 9,9 m,
Max log diameter: 600 mm,
Max distance between blades: 483 mm,
Min distance between blades: 75 mm.

- board separator after bandsaw,
- log turner and feed conveyor,
- log haul conveyor.

Bandsaw line is dismantled.

If you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager.

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