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ARI Vislanda

Used sawline

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Used sawline ARIVislanda

- log deck for loading with 4 chains, electrical,
- log deck for separating bunches of logs 4 chains electrical,
- log crane with log grabber Cranab 70/1500,
- unscramble for logs up to aligning 6 chains and piece by piece feeder,
- But end Bruks RR 1000 Right,
- log haul conveyor in to the saw,
- feed conveyor with scanning equipment REMA 921 198,
- log kicker and cross conveyor for buffering and transport of
Piece by piece handling equipment,
- control station for of main sawing Pronyx + Simatic OP7 + REMA 921,
- aligning and turning device. ARI KSI 5 From 1995,
- reducer ARI SKR 600 with chipper-heads in older version (L-form),
- cant saw KS 12 D + ARI Floatex 1985 (2 sawblades up to 1200 mm),
- out feed conveyer,
- board separator from cant saw and “kick off” equipment,
- cross transport of cant with turner and aligning equipment,
- in feeding transporter to BKR (second breakdown),
- reducer ARI BKR 600 with chipper- heads in older version (L-form),
- cant re-saw DS 8 (3 sawblades),
- board separator conveyer,
- cant re-saw DS 82 (2 sawblades),
- transport of center-yield to green sorting plant,
- all electrical and hydraulic equipment to control operation,
- in the switch-gear there are cables and copper bars stolen,
- edger Ahlstrom ASY 400 1989,
- unscramble conveyer for un-edged boards,
- grading station before edging infeed,
- aligning and infeed to edger. ASY 400,
- edging machine Ahlstrom SK 150 (2 chipper heads),
- board and rib separator,
- transport of board to Green sorting,
- all electrical and hydraulic equipment to control operation,
- residual handling,
- block conveyors for transport of sawdust and skips from all ARI,
- chip screener GVC 10 m2 200 m3 s/h,
- all electrical equipment to control operation,
- all suitable cutter blades, sawblades and spare parts at site,
- grinding machines for chippers.





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