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Resaw & moulder line

Moulder Waco HM 200 -75, 6-spindles and Bandsaw Stenner VHM 36

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Moulder Waco HM 200 -75, 6-spindles and Bandsaw Stenner VHM 36

- roller for package 2pcs á approx. 6m,
- rollerbench into Bandsaw,
- bandsaw Stenner VHM 36, 75mm blade, 15hp engine,
- outfeed rollers, approx. 8m, kick off left/rigth with dividing rulers,
- side conveyor approx. 5m with five V-Belt,
- rollers into moulder infeed table.. 2pcs á 4m,
- hydr. lifttable 3000kg,
- buffer conveyor KFM -07 with 4 chains. . Frequenscontrol up to 100m/min.,
- moulder Waco HM 200 -75; 6-spindles, Hydr. feeding 0-50 hydr. . frontbearings. Moulder dim. 200x100mm,
- accelerator belt after moulder, approx. 1,5m,
- chain kick off with fair ending,
- side conveyor 1.5 with five bands,
- stacker for package with five plastic buffer chains, 5 stacking forks and 4 packing hoist,
- rollers output 4pcs á 6m,
- left output after lifting table and roller conveyor,
- grinding machine Schneeberger Norma semi aut. Use for cutterblocks,
- Waco Siba knife setting and balancing cratle,
- grinder machine Jonsered SL-GJ, manual for cutters,
- existing Tools, cutterblocks and cutters,
- saw dust fan for moulder and bandsaw,
- related electrical equipment to the equipment.



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