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Dry Board Sorting Line 30 Pockets

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Dry board sorting line 30 pockets
- loading conveyer (10 m) with four chains allowing for two packs in height,
- tilt hoist for two packs in height,
- dee-sticking unit,
- separation of over-layers and sticks for transport,
- unscramble for separating layers of sawn timber to piece by piece handling,
- primary grading station and butt end trimming,
- lengths measured with mechanical,
- primary transporting chain,
- uplifting equipment for grading station,
- finale manual grading station with controlling,
- primary transporting chain,
- conveyor for aligning top-end before,
- trimming blade for cutting in 3-dm increments,
- hook conveyer chain with 30 pushers down to right
5 pieces’ vertical let down sorting,
- 25 pieces of falling down bins for graded and final trimmed,
- chain conveyer for transport of graded timber in full pack to the stacker plant,
- unscrambles feeder to arrange pieces by pieces,
- end stamp printer for sawmill “brand marking”,
- equipment for layer formation before stacking,
- packaging machine with equipment for adding 3 small sticks via cassettes --  Maximum Pack size 1,2 x 1,2 x 6,0 m,
- feeding conveyer for small sticks and manual filling of cassettes (10x50 mm),
- chain conveyer for transport,
- out feeding roller conveyers for packs of
press and banding equipment with automatic feeding of underlie from cassette,
- manual loading of cassette,
- chain conveyer for further transport of packs with banded,
- out feed conveyers for further forklift,
- rubber transporting bands for offcuts to the residue handling,
- hydraulic and pneumatic system covering whole plant.
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