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Complete planing line

Used complete planing line WACO HM 225 with end jointing and sticker stacker

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1. Tilt hoist with 4 arms.

2. Side conveyor approx. 2,5m with 4st chains.

3. Infeeder, with side conveyor approx. 2m and 5 chains, TP infeeder.

4. Moulder Waco HM 225, 6-spindles, MV-UK-ÖK-HSK-VSK-ÖK-STK. Hydr. frontbearings.

5. Ending cutting table with 6 chains, 2 end jointer, samt springrullbana.

6. Paketläggare 5st bufferkedjor, 5 stacking forks and 4 packing hoist.

7. Paketkedjor ut 3st ca 3m.

8. Related electrical equipment to the equipment



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