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about us

About us

Swedabo AB offers brand new and second hand woodworking machinery and parts. We can offer the woodworking equipment to fit any of your needs.
Our speciality is dismantle, installation, maintenance, manufacturing and repair of woodworking equipment. We install and adjust the machinery and manufacture equipment at location and time specified by the customer. We also consult sawmill employees regarding maintenance of the machinery.

Companies we work with:

ARI - LINCK - Söderhamn Eriksson - Lindqvist - Waco - Weinig - Wadkin - Combi - Primultini - Doledene - AKE - Cambio - Nicholson - ERJO - BRUKS - Tähkä - Maier - Hedlund - ABB - Möckeln - Sanger Masierer - Rema - Moheda - ALMAB - KALLFASS