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Reasons Why You Should Use a Chip Screening System

Geschrieben am August 05 2020

Reasons Why You Should Use a Chip Screening System

Woodworking companies face a number of major challenges on a daily basis: how to make work lines more productive and work more efficiently, reduce costs, and use existing resources as productively as possible. One of the things that should be introduced in every wood processing company is a chip screening system, which will open up new product possibilities and solve resource efficiency.

Maximum use of a wood

Wood is one of the most unique and could even be said to be one of the most versatile natural resources, with a wide range of end products. However, many companies often only rely on the production of certain timber products, when they actually lose money, due to the waste of wood resources. By-products or wood waste that is formed in each wood processing part should be further chipped and sorted into different fractions - chips, shavings, and cuttings. The use of wood chips (as well as bark, greenery, leaves) is the future, as all these types of bioresources are the raw material for the production of innovative products with high added value. 

Valuable products that can be sold

Sawmill waste is inevitable in any woodwork company, but in the process of proper recycling, it is possible to turn it into new and undeniably valuable products. Chips can be used for the production of particleboard and pellets or substitute for bark mulch in flower beds, as well as for the production of heat and electricity and the creation of impact-absorbing surfaces for a play area. In an economy with the production of wood chips as an alternative, renewable energy source, it is possible to increase income from logging without creating risks to the environment and providing additional resources for energy production.

Implementing a chip screening system in your company can bring really valuable opportunities and ideas for the production and sale of new products. It is not always necessary to start with the purchase of completely new equipment, several companies also admit that they are happy to buy production equipment that is already used, thus saving themselves a lot of money. One good example of used woodworking equipment sellers is the Swedabo company from Sweden. They sell, buy, install, and do the repair job for all kinds of woodworking equipment. Contact them if you have any questions or issues to deal with!



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