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Keep Your Chipper Canters knives Sharp!

Geschrieben am Juli 16 2020

Keep Your Chipper Canters knives Sharp!

Chipper-cantering comes immediately after the log debarking and the metal detector check-up. It could even be called the first stage of wood processing because after this stage you get two different raw materials for product manufacturing. In this process, the quality of chipper-canter knives and their wear and tear play a key role in ensuring efficiency.

First signs your blades are worn out

Wood chips and canters are the main products of this stage, which are passed on to further processing stages, such as chemical pulp, boards, timber, and wooden articles, etc. production of products. When it comes to chipper-canters efficiency, know that the chip quality decreases as knife wear-rate increases. Another negative aspect due to blade wear is the increase in energy consumption. So the first thing to look at is the wood chip quality and electricity consumption.

What causes knife wear?

Although wood is ranked as a fairly soft material that is easy to handle, it is and remains a heterogeneous material whose resistance causes a change in mechanical force. Uneven resistance is caused by various factors, such as branches and knots, which are significantly harder than other parts of the tree. Therefore, the moment the blade reaches such a knot, it receives a large impact shock. The life of any equipment and part will be affected differently by each tree species and type, as each wood contains different chemicals that may create corrosive conditions and abrasive particles that cause the blades to wear out during cutting.

The main thing is to take care of the equipment in a timely manner and select wood of appropriate hardness according to the capacity and performance of the equipment. In this way, we will protect ourselves from the production of poor quality products, dissatisfied customers, increased energy consumption, or even costly downtime caused by equipment damage. is a place where to look for new or used woodworking machinery, spare parts, equipment dismantling and transportation services, or just a professionals' advice about woodworking technique.



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