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Increase productivity with a board stacking system!

Posted on July 07 2020

Increase productivity with a board stacking system!

Have you noticed that the lumber stacking is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming parts of the whole process? To ensure an efficient automatization process and prevent work line downtime consider purchasing a log sorting machinery. Investment in a handling technology for automatic board sorting and stacking will pay off particularly in a short period. 

Semi-automatic stacking system

For this kind of a semi-automatic log sorting line you need to occupy only one employee, whose main task is to manually handle and place each timber on the package. Although it works in the manual mode it is safe and complies with occupational health and all safety requirements. This is a budget-friendly option that you can choose as the next step in the implementation of the log sawing automatization process. 

If getting a new log sorting line is too expensive, consider buying a used board and log sorting line instead. One of the trusted new and used woodworking machinery dealers, who will help you to find or even build the best equipment for your sawmill company is  So, take a look at our product catalog or apply for a consultation.

Fully-automatic stacking system

If continuous material outflow from the sawing mill or sorting line is what you need, then a fully automatic stacking system is the right handling equipment choice. There is no need for a full-time employee on this line anymore, because it does everything by itself. There are a lot of benefits that can save a lot of time, and thus increase the pace of production. As an example, depending on the stacking options, stacking with gaps, with random widths or with diagonal offset.

Layer sticks inserted automatically

Almost every woodworking company during the stacking process inserts layer sticks between the board stack layers. These layer sticks help for board drying and also for shipping to the customers. This can be done both manually and with automated equipment called stick magazines. In the first option, this is done by an employee, who is standing at the line and placing the sticks in the required layer of boards. It means that every single time the stick needs to be placed, the whole stacking process needs to be stopped. In the second option, this is done automatically with the equipment built into the stacking machine. It places the sticks in the pre-programmed layers of boards. 

Such an automatic stick insertion system does not cost cheap, but given that, it greatly relieves the operating staff and significantly increases the capacity of the stack system, it is worth the investment.



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