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How to choose the best sawmill machine?

Posted on July 25 2020

How to choose the best sawmill machine?

A really good and high-quality milling machine that is properly used and maintained may serve you a lot of years. It is a lifetime purchase that needs to be considered seriously, and you should learn all about and around it. In this article, you will find out a couple of issues and options worth considering, before purchasing new or used woodworking sawmill equipment.


Log size and cutting length

Start your milling machinery search with finding the most appropriate sawmill capacity according to the tree sizes you are planning to mill most frequently. Every sawing line has a fixed standard cutting length. If you know that you will need to use longer logs in the future, make sure you choose the sawmill equipment with the possibility to add extensions.

Sawmill usage frequency and engine options

It is important to know your needs, - whether you will use this sawing technology occasionally for small projects or on the contrary, to carry out a significant volume of wood product orders. It will determine how powerful engine you need. If productivity is important, choose a sawmill with a higher horsepower motor which makes a huge amount of log milling easier and more efficient. 

Manually operated machinery is a good and money-saving option for a small amount of lumber production, but for commercial purposes, hydraulic sawmills would be more efficient. Or, you can buy one of those sawmills which are upgradable from a manual to hydraulic. 

Options for log handling

When the sawmill is already chosen, think about the way the log will be loaded onto the mill. If you already have a front loader for heavy logs, that's good to go, but if not, consider getting one. One of the options is to do it by yourself with a ramp and winch system, and that is called a manual mill log loading package, or choose a less labor-intensive method like hydraulic log loader.

When making a final decision, consider all of the options, as well as the pros and cons. Whether new or used, it is worth investing in high-quality industrial equipment that provides the expected return for years. is a worldwide industrial woodworking machinery seller, which offers different kinds and types of sawmills and sawlines. 



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