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Do not allow your log sawing process to stop!

Posted on July 28 2020

Do not allow your log sawing process to stop!

One of the most important things in the woodworking process is to ensure continuous operation at all stages of log processing, so that you get productivity to maximum every working hour. A big part of all that process is log sorting and implementation of the most effective measuring system.


Production efficiency depends on sorting

Whether it is a log or board sorting, or any other kind of sorting line,  it improves the overall production efficiency significantly. Just think, how much time and money you can save, just because all of the logs are sorted into quality and size straight from the truck, and later, after the sawing process, sorted into different pockets by length, width, and thickness. Log sorting machines and board sorting lines allow the sawing process to operate without stopping. Depending on the availability of labor and financial capabilities, sorting procedures can be done manually or by mechanized sorters. Low-cost labor may not be as cost-effective as you imagined, because it depends on how quickly and efficiently the employees can perform work tasks. 

New markets and tempting opportunities

A lot of companies in the wood processing industry evaluate the ability to adapt to the demand and specified log and board parameters of timber collectors and processors. Industrial sorting lines not only makes all the sawmill process much easier and profitable but also opens up opportunities for growth and supply expansion. Take a look at these few benefits for your company:

  • The opportunity to supply specific timber to wood product producers; 
  • Ability to entry specialty and character wood log market;
  • More simplified and transparent log inventory;
  • To meet the demand for small quantities of logs and boards, regardless of grade.


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